The Best Way to Get a Steering Wheel Lock from Kia for Free
The Best Way to Get a Steering Wheel Lock from Kia for Free
After the Kia Boys trend online, Kia vehicles with turn-key ignitions have been targeted more frequently for theft. While you might be worried about your vehicle’s safety, Kia is doing what it can to protect your car by offering free steering wheel locks and updates. If you’re a Kia owner, keep reading to find out how to claim your free steering wheel lock and how to properly use it. Plus, we’ll even walk through how to fix when your steering wheel locks in place and won’t turn.
How to Get a Kia Steering Wheel Lock

How to Get a Steering Wheel Lock from Kia

Look for an offer letter from Kia in your mail. If you drive an eligible model that uses a turn-to-start key, then look for a letter from Kia Corporate Headquarters. The heading will read something like “IMPORTANT STEERING WHEEL LOCKING DEVICE OFFER” at the top along with your vehicle identification number (VIN). It also lists an offer code on the top-right for submitting a request form. Typically, you’ll get a letter if you have a Kia made before 2022 that has a key and turn-start ignition. These models lack engine immobilizers, which are parts that prevent your vehicle from starting without a key, so they’re more vulnerable to theft. If you didn’t receive a letter from Kia, contact their support team at 1-800-333-4KIA (4542). The support line is available Monday through Friday from 5 AM to 6 PM PST.

Submit a steering wheel lock request through the Kia support site. Visit the site and enter your vehicle’s VIN to ensure that it’s eligible. After submitting the VIN, enter the offer code listed at the top of the letter you received. Fill out your name and address to finish the form before submitting it to Kia. You may only order 1 steering wheel lock from Kia, and it takes about 14 days to ship. Some letters from Kia list October 1st, 2024 as the cut-off date for submissions, while others may list December 1st, 2024 as the final day. Complete the form as soon as possible so you don’t risk being too late.

Check police stations for steering wheel locks if you don’t have a code. Kia also provided many police stations with free steering wheel locks to give out on a first-come, first-serve basis. Contact your local police station to see if your vehicle is eligible and if they still have any locks left over.

How to Use a Kia Steering Wheel Lock

Hook the end of the lock on the bottom of your steering wheel. Place one of the lock’s hooks through an opening near the bottom of the wheel. Press the hook tightly against the wheel so it stays in place.

Extend the lock until it’s tight against the steering wheel. While it’s locked, pull the other end of the lock straight out. Keep extending the lock until the hook on the other end presses against the top of the steering wheel. Once it’s in position, the straight club part of the lock will point toward the vehicle’s roof. A steering wheel lock doesn’t prevent someone from starting your vehicle, but it prevents them from driving. If someone tries turning the wheel, the club will bump into the roof or door to prevent the wheel from turning.

Use the key to unlock and remove the steering wheel lock. When you want to drive, simply insert the key into the lock and turn it. Push the hooks toward each other to retract the lock and remove it from your steering wheel. Keep the lock on the floor in your back seat or in your trunk. Avoid keeping it down by the pedals because it could get in the way while you're driving.

Additional Ways to Prevent Car Theft

Update your vehicle’s software at a Kia dealership. With the recent uptick in thefts, Kia offers eligible vehicles a software update that prevents them from starting without a key in the ignition. Contact your local dealership to schedule an appointment for the update, which will only take about 30-60 minutes to install. Some Kia dealerships offer the update free of charge before a cut-off date while you may have to pay a servicing fee at others. Contact the dealership ahead of time to see if you can get the update for free. If your Kia model isn’t eligible for a software upgrade, dealerships will install an ignition cylinder protector to help deter thieves.

Park in a secure or well-lit area. If there’s an enclosed garage or gated parking lot available, park inside of it so no one can access your vehicle. Otherwise, look for a parking spot that’s near a busy street or under street lights so thieves are less likely to target your vehicle. If you park in your driveway, install motion-activated lights outside to scare away potential car thieves.

Remove valuable items from your vehicle. Avoid leaving any expensive or valuable items visible in your vehicle because thieves could easily spot them. Take out your phone, laptop, purse, backpack, or any other items you don’t want to lose just to be safe. Avoid moving items to your trunk to hide them when you park in a public area. Someone may see you put the items there and still try to break in.

Install an alarm system on your vehicle. Choose an aftermarket alarm system that has a loud horn or flashing lights. Install the alarm system on your vehicle following the directions, or have a dealership put it in for you.

Lock your vehicle whenever you leave it unattended. Even if you’re only leaving your vehicle for a few seconds or if it’s in a secure location, lock the doors and take the keys.

How to Fix a Locked Kia Steering Wheel

Turn the wheel gently back and forth while wiggling the key. Try inserting the key into the ignition and gently turning it back and forth. At the same time, jiggle the wheel to the left and right to help the key catch. Once the key easily turns to start your vehicle, the steering wheel will unlock. What causes the steering wheel to lock up? Auto repair specialist Hovig Manouchekian mentions that a common culprit may be a worn-out key or a damaged ignition tumbler. He says to check the grooves of the key for damage or try a duplicate key to see if it works. He also mentions that a leak in your power steering system could also make the wheel lock up so it’s difficult to turn. Damage to engine control unit (ECU) sensors and debris inside of your ignition system could cause the issue. If you keep having persistent problems with your steering wheel locking up, then take your vehicle to a mechanic for repairs. Avoid forcing the key to turn because you could break it off in the ignition, which requires a more pricey repair and replacement.

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