Russian Woman Reveals Pregnancy To Parents And Indian In-Laws In Heartwarming Video
Russian Woman Reveals Pregnancy To Parents And Indian In-Laws In Heartwarming Video
A Russian woman recently recorded the reaction of her parents and Indian in-laws in her pregnancy reveal video.

Pregnancy reveal videos are quite special. From finding out about the pregnancy to breaking the news with loved ones, such videos capture all the raw and true emotions. One such clip of a Russian vlogger has now gained traction, in which she reveals her pregnancy to her parents and Indian in-laws. A Russian native residing in India, Marina Kharbani, recently took to her Instagram and shared a reaction video. An overlay on the video reads, “My Russian parents’ reaction on my pregnancy and My Asian in-laws’ reaction.”

The video begins by showing Marina revealing the news to her Russian parents. While she remains seated in the middle and breaks the news, her parents exclaim in disbelief and then proceed to express their happiness. Her father lets out a soft scream followed by hugs and kisses for his daughter, while Kharbani’s mother also seems overwhelmed. They couldn’t believe that she was seven weeks pregnant.

The second half proceeds to show the woman’s in-laws’ reaction. She can be seen revealing her ultrasound imaging to them, with the baby visible in it. The elderly couple initially remain clueless, looking all confused and puzzled. They later realise the ‘big news’ as Kharbani shows her belly to make sense of the scan. Unlike her parents’ exciting and enthusiastic reaction, they had calm expressions with simple ‘okay’ and ‘thumbs up’ gestures, which turned out hilarious for viewers. “Good job,” Marina can be heard saying to her in-laws’ response.

“Parents reaction is so priceless,” she wrote in the caption. In the meantime, social media users had a variety of reactions to the video. A user wrote, “Same amount of happiness, different way of expressing,” while another hilariously commented, “This is how my dad reacted when I was born “okay” and “good job.”

“Actually in India’s large part it is considered shy to celebrate their daughter’s or dil’s pregnancy, but they love their grandchildren,” wrote a user while explaining the Indian in-laws’ reaction. One of the comments read, “I would have given ANYTHING to felt this kind of love by parental figures. Bless y’all congrats.”

Shared in April of this year, the video has recently caught the internet’s attention, amassing over 2 million views.

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