No More Elon Musk Finally Changes To Domain For Website
No More Elon Musk Finally Changes To Domain For Website
Twitter has been still present with the legacy domain name but Musk has finally got hold of the name for the website.

Twitter is officially gone from all corners of the app and even the website. If you visited on early Friday, you might have come across a small pop-up box which said the domain change has been completed. This was the last change that needed to remove the legacy of Twitter and it has finally happened.

The update was also shared by Elon Musk via his post on X earlier today, which says, “All core systems are now on” The interesting part about the post is that Musk has added a new X layout with the new domain which many believe could soon become the official X branding for the public.

Currently, the X app and website has a black tone but a white and blue shade could also be part of the old Twitter colour style. Will the platform get this change officially, we’ll know soon.

As you might know, Elon Musk bought Twitter with the aim to change the dynamics and scope of the platform. He first decided to change its name from Twitter to X but up until now, you were still going to the domain rather than which was probably owned by someone. But Musk has finally managed to get hold of the new brand domain which is now live on the internet for everyone.

While the domain name is now live, many people claim they will still call it Twitter, which has been a core part of people’s early days on the social media website. One user pointed out that the X era has started.

Musk has definitely changed the paradigm of X, which is not only a social media app anymore. You can make video or audio calls on the platform, write long posts, and even access AI chatbot Grok, albeit for the premium users only.

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