How to Spot Fake Airpods Max
How to Spot Fake Airpods Max
AirPods Max are widely considered the best wireless earbuds for Apple users, offering an extensive set of high-quality features that seamlessly integrate with iOS and macOS. However, their premium price point also makes them a target for counterfeiters. Buyers should exercise caution, as scammers often sell convincing fakes at the same high prices as authentic models. To ensure you get the real thing, learn how to spot the differences between genuine AirPods Max and counterfeits before making a purchase.
The Best Way to Identify Fake Airpods Max

How to Spot Fake Airpods Max

Check the serial number on Apple’s Coverage Website. Find your AirPods Max serial number on the box or on the inside of each AirPod. How to check your AirPods Max serial number. Go to Apple's Check Coverage website and enter your AirPods Max serial number. View the results to determine if your AirPods Max are genuine and covered under warranty. Real: Apple can verify a valid purchase date, show information about the warranty, and display benefits of your purchase. Fake: No results are shown.

Inspect the packaging for low-quality writing. Genuine Apple product packaging features premium printing, sharp text, and a precise, secure fit. In contrast, a counterfeit Fake AirPods Max box may have blurry text, misaligned graphics, and a loose, sloppy fit. Additionally, examine the headphones themselves for any obvious defects, including misaligned seams, uneven stitching, or cheap-feeling materials. To identify inconsistencies, compare the physical product against official Apple images and descriptions.

Feel the buttons for build quality. The true test for identifying genuine AirPods Max headphones is the feel and responsiveness of the buttons. Authentic AirPods Max have metal pairing buttons that provide a smooth, solid click and no audible sound when pressed. In contrast, counterfeit models often have buttons that make noise and feel stiff, with limited button travel.

Look for a small hole in the speaker cup. Removing the magnetic ear cushion from your headphones will expose a small hole at the top of the speaker housing, as well as flush-mount screws securing the housing in place. This hole allows you to detach the headband. The headband on genuine headphones should never break, unlike fake ones that aren’t likely to hold up. Authentic APM headbands have metal ends. Counterfeit products may employ flush-mounted screws, but these screws often require a larger screwdriver bit for removal. Additionally, there is typically no access hole to detach the headband.

Check to make sure the charging port LED is flush. The charging ports on counterfeit units often have distorted material surrounding them, which alters the direction of light, particularly when the ear cup is made of plastic instead of metal. On counterfeit units, the indicator LED is frequently either recessed or protruding, rather than flush with the surface.

Look for metal housings. Authentic APMs typically feature metal housings, while counterfeit ones usually have plastic bodies. One of the easiest ways to spot a counterfeit is the use of plastic components, as all the shiny parts on authentic APMs are made of metal that will feel cool to the touch. The plastic parts on fakes are more prone to breaking. Furthermore, the headband on real APMs is crafted from highly flexible plastic that should never snap—if the headband breaks, it's a clear indication that the product is not genuine.

What to Do If You Purchase Fake Airpods Max

Request a return or refund from the seller. If you bought a pair of fake APMs, then you didn’t purchase them through Apple. You will need to contact the seller and request a return for a refund. If you don’t hear back from the seller, then contact the website or marketplace directly. For example, if you bought the APMs on eBay, you will need to reach out to eBay and explain the issue. If the marketplace is unable to help you, reach out to your bank. Each bank is different, but beginning a claim on a counterfeit product can usually get things moving in order to get your money back.

Are Fake Airpods Max a Big Problem?

Many users in online communities complain about fake Airpods Max. Users on websites like Youtube and Reddit have spoken out about their problems with purchasing fake Airpods, signaling that they are a major problem in third-party marketplaces. Many complain that they thought they were getting an amazing deal on websites like eBay, but in the end the product turned out to be fake. The best way to avoid purchasing fake Airpods Max is to buy them only from Apple. Although the price point may be significantly higher, this is the only way to truly guarantee that the product you’re getting is genuine. If you do decide to purchase Airpods from a third-party seller, read thoroughly through the reviews, ask for proof of a serial number before purchasing, and remember that if the price is too good to be true, it usually is.

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