'X' User Has a Movie Plot For SRK And Tabu And Fans Desperately Want it to Happen
'X' User Has a Movie Plot For SRK And Tabu And Fans Desperately Want it to Happen
This 'X' user has a storyline for SRK and Tabu and here is what it is.

Shah Rukh Khan, also known as the epitome of romance in Bollywood, has been paired against almost every actress and fans have always loved it. Now, another SRK fan, took to micro blogging site ‘X’ and voiced her plea urging that SRK and Tabu should collaborate. Shruti Sonal gave a lovely plot on X and Bollywood buffs are all in for it.

Her idea is where both the actors play deeply flawed characters who have had their heart broken. “They meet by chance in a coastal town and fall in love, only to depart on their journeys again, but forever changed by the encounter,” she explained.

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The idea went well with many people on social media. Since being uploaded, the post has gathered over 770K views.

Here, have a look for yourself:

“That sounds like a cinematic masterpiece in the making! SRK’s charisma and Tabu’s intense acting prowess would blend perfectly in a tale of love, loss, and redemption. A coastal town backdrop would add layers of beauty and melancholy, echoing the transient nature of their relationship. Their individual journeys, interwoven with moments of love, would remind viewers of the impermanence of life and the lasting impact of true connections. This film would be a treat for those who love poignant love stories with depth. I’d be the first in line for a ticket!” commented an ‘X’ user. Another person wrote, “Will there be dreamy songs with hundreds of background dancers and European locales during the encounter? If so, count me in! What SRK does is in large part driven by what his fans expect and demand. Sigh!”

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This is not the first time that fans have urged them both to work together. Earlier, in his candid comment, a fan wrote, “Sara din Twitter pe pade rehte ho har aire gaire ko reply dene achha Tabu ke sath ek film kyon ni kar lete?” This roughly translates to, “You are constantly immersed in the world of Twitter, offering responses to every random individual. Instead of engaging in such interactions with everyone, wouldn’t it be more worthwhile to consider working on a film alongside Tabu?”

This fan’s request has resonated with numerous individuals within the digital community, who endorsed the idea of Shahrukh Khan finally doing a romantic venture with Tabu. It is a sentiment shared by many, reflecting a collective desire for a cinematic collaboration that has the potential to be an absolute delight.

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