How to Unlock The Angel Race V3 in Blox Fruits: Abilities, Tips, & More
How to Unlock The Angel Race V3 in Blox Fruits: Abilities, Tips, & More
Are you eager to unlock all the powerful abilities of the Angel race in Blox Fruits? As one of the game's strongest and most balanced race options, Angels get plenty of perks at V3, including an ability that speeds up defense and healing. To get to V3, you’ll need to unlock V1 and V2 first, then finish a quest—and in this article, we’ll explain every step. Read on for a comprehensive guide to unlocking the Angel V3 race in Blox Fruits!
Quick Guide to Unlocking Angel V3

Getting the Angel V3 Race

Change your character’s race to Angel (if it’s not already). Races are given randomly when you join the game—meaning you might start playing the Angel race or start with one of the others. If your Blox Fruit character doesn’t already have the Angel race (Angel V1), the first step is changing your race in the game. To get Angel V1, you can: Buy a Race Reroll from the in-game Shop for 90 Robux Buy a Race Reroll from Tort, an NPC at the Café Buy a Race Reroll from special event NPCs at Event Shops

Reach level 850 and complete the Colosseum quest. To get the Colosseum quest, speak to Bartilo at the Café (in the Second Sea), and he’ll have a series of tasks. First, defeat 50 Swan Pirates in the Kingdom of Rose. Second, defeat Jeremy—a boss NPC located atop the highest mountain right of the Kingdom of Rose. Third, rescue the Gladiators under the Colosseum in the Kingdom of Rose. You’ll need to solve a puzzle under the Colosseum to free and rescue the Gladiators. The puzzle’s code can be found on a table in Don Swan’s mansion. The code’s symbols most closely resemble the following combination: Y, ∞, C, S, M, F, N, B. To solve the puzzle, each symbol on the wall must be pressed in order from Y to B. Completing the Colosseum quest will open up the ability to speak to the Alchemist, which is required for unlocking Angel V2.

Talk to the Alchemist and accept their quest. You’ll find the Alchemist in the Green Zone near the bridge, under a blue mushroom and a few vines. When you speak to the Alchemist, they’ll ask you to find 3 flowers to evolve your race to V2: one blue, one red, and one yellow. Keep in mind that if you leave the server or die before finishing the quest, you’ll lose any flowers. Red flower. Look for a red flower during the day only; it won’t spawn at night. You may have to search around a bit since the flower spawns in different locations. Yellow flower. Kill any NPCs in the Second Sea to find a yellow flower. It’s not guaranteed to spawn with every kill, so you may have to try this a few times. Blue flower. Search for a blue flower at night since that’s the only time it’ll spawn. The flower also won’t spawn while the Darkbeard raid boss is spawned, even at night.

Return to the Alchemist and buy their potion to get V2. Once you have all 3 flowers, head back to the Green Zone and deliver them to the Alchemist. In exchange, the Alchemist will offer to make the potion that’ll upgrade your race to V2—but you’ll need to pay $500,000 first, so make sure you’ve gathered enough money in the game before following this step. Participating in Raids, completing Sea Events, and defeating an Elite Pirate from an Elite Hunter’s quest are all reliable ways to earn currency in Blox Fruits.

Reach level 1,000 and defeat the boss Don Swan. You'll need to meet a couple of prerequisites before taking on the Angel V3 quest: first, level your character up to at least level 1,000. Second, head to Don Swan’s Mansion in the Second Sea and defeat him in a boss battle. Don Swan is a level 1,000 boss who respawns every 30 minutes. To get into Don Swan’s room, give Trevor (an NPC near the pool in Don Swan’s Mansion) a physical fruit worth at least $1,000,000 or more. Once you give Trevor a fruit, he’ll give you the key to Don Swan’s room—and from there, you can enter and fight the boss battle.

Find the NPC Arowe and accept his quest. Look for Arowe in a hidden chamber under Diamond’s Hill—just walk into the wall to get inside. Then, speak to Arowe. As long as you’ve upgraded to Angel V2, reached level 1,000, defeated Don Swan, and have $2,000,000, he’ll give you the quest to upgrade to V3: kill another player with the Angel race. If you haven’t fulfilled all the requirements of the quest, Arowe will say, “Come back when you’re prepared enough” (or, alternatively, “You’re still lacking $2,000,000” if you’re short on money).

Defeat another player with the Angel race. Arowe’s quest for upgrading the Angel race to V3 is fairly straightforward: just find and kill any other player currently using the Angel race. If you can’t find one, try using the Chat Box to ask nearby players if they’re playing an Angel. Dying in Blox Fruits isn’t permanent, so someone else playing an Angel may be willing to let you defeat them!

Return to Arowe and pay him to unlock Angel V3. After you’ve defeated a single Angel, report your success to Arowe, and he’ll ask for the above payment ($2,000,000). Then, he’ll give you the Angel V3 upgrade once and for all! Like the Alchemist’s quest, if you leave the game before finishing the quest, you’ll need to speak to Arowe again before continuing.

Angel V3 Benefits & Abilities

Angel V3 unlocks a new ability called Heavenly Blood. When activated, it’ll boost your defense by 15% plus heal roughly 20% of your maximum health and 10% of your maximum energy alongside your natural regeneration. The ability will last for 6.5 seconds, with a 20-second cooldown. In addition to Heaven’s Blood, your character will get larger white wings that flap! Angel V1. In V1, your jump height will gain a minor boost, and you’ll get a small pair of white angel wings. Angel V2. With V2, your first Air Jump will go higher than any ensuing jumps, and your Energy while jumping is reduced by 20%. Additionally, you’ll get an extra Air Jump.

Races in Blox Fruits

There are 6 playable races in Blox Fruits. As mentioned above, races are randomly assigned upon starting Blox Fruits—and though some have stronger buffs overall than others, the best race in the game is often subjective! The 6 available races are: Human. Human is the most common race, with abilities specialized for PvP (player versus player) combat. Rabbit. Rabbit has a 12.5% chance to be granted at the start of the game, with abilities that focus on speed. Shark. Shark has a 12.5% chance to be granted at the start of the game, with abilities geared toward defense and damage reduction. Angel. Angel has a 12.5% chance to be granted at the start of the game, with balanced abilities granting both stat and movement improvements. Ghoul. The Ghoul race can be purchased from Experimic for 100 Ectoplasm and a Hellfire Torch, with abilities that grant stat boosts and drain others’ health. Cyborg. Cyborgs can be unlocked by completing the Cyborg Puzzle, with abilities geared toward making melee combat more effective.

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