Watch: Man Shouts 'Maa Maine Chor Pakad Liya' After Nabbing Mobile Thief Inside Delhi Metro
Watch: Man Shouts 'Maa Maine Chor Pakad Liya' After Nabbing Mobile Thief Inside Delhi Metro
A video shows passengers catching an alleged thief inside Delhi Metro and a vlogger's reaction to the incident leaves everyone in splits.

As much as Delhi Metro is famous for viral content, with instances of people filming reels and dancing inside the trains, the cases of theft and pickpocketing are no less. But rare are the cases when a theft attempt turns out to be a hilarious moment. One such incident recently captured the internet’s attention. A passenger’s weird reaction upon catching a thief inside the metro train has left the internet in splits. Shared on the X handle of Ghar Ke Kalesh, the video shows the Delhi Metro passengers’ unexpected encounter with an alleged thief.

Among them, a vlogger took the chance to record the overall incident on his camera. During this time, the man, while questioning the thief, surprisingly exclaimed, “Mummy maine chor pakad liya,” leaving his co-passengers laughing. He then goes on to slap the accused.

The video was uploaded with a caption, “Mobile Thief Got Caught by Kaleshi Vlogger inside Delhi Metro.”

The vlogger’s unexpected reaction in the video has left social media users amused, as many took to the comment section, enjoying his antics. A user wrote, “Comedy chal rahi hai (Comedy is going on),” while another commented, “Delhi metro is the best place to find content for all vloggers.”

“Kalesh in metro for a thief,” a person said, while another commented, “Bro waiting for this moment his entire life.” An individual stated, “Delhi metro can never disappoint us lol.”

The video has gained more than 3,00,000 views, along with over 5,000 likes. Notably, many such hilarious incidents are there on the internet, which are enough to leave you entertained.

Thief Trying To Steal Bag Ends Up Getting Beaten

In another video that recently went viral, two men tried stealing a woman’s purse on a bus. However, only one of them managed to flee while the other one was left behind. Captured on the CCTV camera of the bus, the clip shows how the thief’s hand was caught in the electric door while his companion ran away.

Upon catching the thief, the bus driver got hold of a bat and started beating him up while also driving at the same time. Later, he was handed over to the police. The video went instantly viral, as many found the driver’s actions equally justified and funny.

A user noted, “Bus driver not only ensured bro doesn’t escape, he took the matter on his hand, while driving.. wild AF,” while another mentioned, “The driver bringing out the Baseball bat (or what looks like a baseball bat) is incredible.”

“This Bus Driver deserves an award! Perfect timing to shut the doors. The reason I’m laughing is how the friend ran and left him,” a third user reacted.

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