Actress Rashmi Gautam To Get Married Soon? What We Know
Actress Rashmi Gautam To Get Married Soon? What We Know
There has been no official announcement from Rashmi Gautam regarding this news.

Rashmi Gautam has earned a lot of fame and is presently a very popular face in the Telugu TV industry. She earned a huge fanbase with her hosting style in the Telugu comedy show, Jabardasth. With her anchoring skills, she has become a popular face in the Telugu-speaking state. Presently, Rashmi is reportedly busy filming while continuing her anchoring assignments. In a recent development, news of Rashmi’s marriage surfaced on the internet. The rumour states that she is planning to get married soon. As soon as the news was shared, it created buzz among her fans as they were waiting for the news of her marriage for years. Though there has been no official announcement from Rashmi Gautam, the news went viral.

Various rumours about Rashmi Gautam’s marriage and relationship had gone viral several times before. When she was a newcomer in the industry, a rumour stated that she was already married and also got divorced which she denied later. Another rumour went viral which stated that she has a relationship with her Jabardasth co-star, actor and comedian Sudigali Sudheer. When asked about their relationship, Rashmi denied the speculations, tagging it fake.

Rashmi Gautam is a popular face in the Telugu TV industry for her work in popular shows like Jabardasth and Dhee. She also acted in a prominent role in the film Bomma Blockbuster alongside Nandu Vijay Krishna. The film was directed by Raj Virat and produced by Manohar Reddy Eada, Anand Reddy Maddi, Bosubabu Nidumolu, and Praveen Pagadala under the banner of Vijaieebhava Arts. Though the movie was released on November 4, 2022, it failed to leave its mark on the box office.

Rashmi Gautam was born on April 27, 1988, in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. Rashmi has acted in movies like Bholaa Shankar, Prasthanam, and Charuseela. Though her latest film failed at the box office, she will look to prove herself in her upcoming movie, Trishanku.

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