What Are the Rarest Squishmallows & How Much Are They Worth?
What Are the Rarest Squishmallows & How Much Are They Worth?
Squishmallows are soft, squishy plushies that are extremely popular with collectors and casual fans alike. Because they’re so popular, rare Squishmallows often fetch a pretty penny when resold at online auctions. In this article, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about rare Squishmallows, including which Squishmallows are rarest and how much they cost, how to tell if a Squishmallow is rare, where to find rare Squishmallows, and other common questions.
What are the rarest Squishmallows?

Rarest Squishmallows & Their Prices

Jack the Black Cat Jack the Black Cat was the 500th Squishmallow design released and the first limited edition Squishmallow to be sold exclusively on the Squishmallow website. He has a “500” emblem sewn inside his left ear, and only 500 units were manufactured, leading him to become one of the rarest and most expensive Squishmallows to date. Estimated value: $1300

Ultra Rare Founders Cat (JSK) JSK, named after KellyToys’ founder Jonathan Kelly, is a rare Founders Edition Squishmallow that can only be obtained by redeeming his Founder’s Redemption Card, which is found randomly in Squishmallow trading card packs. Only 250 units exist. Estimated value: $1250

Avery the Duck The original Avery the Duck is considered “Rare” by the Squishmallow brand because only 75,000 units exist, which is the cutoff for “Rare” on the Squishmallow Rarity Scale. He is also a part of the Farm Squad, which features only 6 Squishmallow designs, so he’s highly sought-after by collectors, as well. Estimated value: $500 A “squad” is a specific collection of Squishmallows. The Farm Squad, for example, featured farm animals.

Patty the Cow Patty the Cow is a member of the Easter Squad, a limited edition collection sold around Easter. Over recent years, cow Squishmallows have become extremely popular, and fans love Patty’s pink and purple coloring. Because of this, she’s very hard to find and is often sold for hundreds of dollars by resellers. Estimated value: $300

Blossom the Sheep Blossom the Sheep was made in a collaboration with KellyToys and the clothing brand Justice in 2018. Because Justice has since closed all their physical stores, it is unlikely Blossom will ever be manufactured again, increasing the value even more. Estimated value: $800

Gertrude the Goose Gertrude the (Canadian) Goose can only be purchased in Canada. While she may not be that rare in her home country, she’s often highly sought after by collectors from other countries. However, she’s not as expensive as other rare Squishmallows, as smaller versions of the design are fairly affordable on various online marketplaces. Estimated value: $30-$300, depending on size and design

Philippe the Frog Phillipe the Frog is a Valentine’s Day promotional Squishmallow from 2017, the year Squishmallows debuted. Because he was a limited edition holiday Squishmallow and one of the earliest designs, he’s been auctioned off for upwards of $500. Estimated value: $150-$500

Connor the Cow Like Patty, Connor the Cow is highly sought after because Squishmallow cows are extremely popular. In recent years, Connor has been rereleased, bringing his overall value down, but the original 2017 design still fetches a pretty penny in online auctions. Estimated value: $50-$800, depending on size and design

Celine the Hen While not originally a super rare Squishmallow, Celine the Hen was discontinued in 2019. Since then, she has become increasingly hard to find, and resellers have taken advantage of her popularity by raising their prices online. Still, she’s much more affordable than some of the even rarer Squishmallows. Estimated value: $120

Lenora the Loon Like Gertrude the Goose, Lenora the Loon is another Squishmallow that is exclusively available in Canada. Because of this, Squishmallow collectors from other countries are willing to drop hundreds of dollars to get their hands on her. Estimated value: $50-$300, depending on size and design

Santino the Platypus Santino the Platypus is a very unique Squishmallow design. In addition to being a platypus (an animal that isn’t commonly found in Squishmallow designs), he’s also one of the less than 50 brown designs. Since there are currently over 1000 Squishmallows, this makes him pretty rare. However, he has been rereleased, so his value will likely go down with time. Estimated value: $450-$550

Jackie the Purple Tulip When Jackie the Tulip was released in late 2020, she was an immediate hit, making it difficult to find her in stores. While not as expensive as some other hard-to-find Squishmallows, Jackie’s value has increased slightly, as she currently goes for at least $50 online. Estimated value: $50-$65

Daxxon the Purple Alien Daxxon the Purple Alien is a member of the Space Squad and labeled “Rare” on the Squishmallow Rarity Scale. When he was first released in 2021, fans quickly became obsessed, making it difficult to find him in store. Since then, Squishmallow has released other versions of Daxxon, causing his value to drop down into a relatively average range. Estimated value: $30-$60

Brigita the Snow Leopard/Cheetah While not particularly expensive, Brigita is considered a rare Squishmallow because she was exclusively carried in Target stores. This made her more difficult to find than Squishmallow designs that were sold at multiple retailers. Estimated value: $50

Louisa the Penguin While not originally considered rare, Louisa the Penguin quickly became popular because of her tie dye rainbow pattern, which made it difficult to find her in stores. Squishmallow has since released different sizes and designs of Louisa, so she’s much easier to find now than she once was. Estimated value: $30

Willow the Tie Dye Pegasus Willow is another Squishmallow that is considered rare because of her popularity. Like many designs, Willow was an instant hit when she was released, so it became increasingly hard to find her in stores. Since then, variations of her design have been released, so it’s pretty easy to find her for an affordable price. Estimated value: $30-$40

How to Determine Squishmallow Rarity

Use the Squishmallow rarity scale. In 2022, the Squishmallows brand revealed a 6-tier rarity scale that would appear on the plushies’ tags to note special limited edition Squishmallows. Squishmallows with a rarity label have a maximum number of units that will be manufactured before the design is retired. Here are the tiers of the rarity scale: Rare: Rare Squishmallows have a silver tag and have a maximum of 75,000 available worldwide. Ultra Rare: Ultra Rare Squishmallows have a golden tag and a maximum of 50,000 units. Special Edition: Special Edition Squishmallows have a holographic tag and a maximum of 20,000 units. Select Series: Select Series Squishmallows have a black tag and are exclusively available on the Squishmallows website. There are typically no more than 5,000-10,000 units available, though some designs are even more limited. Check-In Series: Check-In Series Squishmallows have a purple tag and are exclusive to special locations or events. The number produced depends on the event. Founder’s Edition: Founder’s Edition Squishmallows are only obtainable by redeeming the rare Founder’s Redemption Card found in Squishmallows trading card packs. They have the most limited availability.

Look for other limited edition tags. Even if certain Squishmallows don’t fall on the rarity scale, there are other factors that indicate limited availability and rarity. In general, these Squishmallows will have some indication on their tag that they’re limited edition. Here are some examples: First to Market: First to Market Squishmallows have a special First to Market badge on their tag to indicate they’re one of the first 5,000 of the design to be produced. Note that not all first edition Squishmallows will feature this badge. Holiday special editions: Holiday Squishmallows are only available for a limited time around the holiday they’re themed around, like Halloween or Christmas. While it’s usually obvious by the plushie’s design if it’s holiday-themed, their tags may also indicate that they’re limited edition. Retailer exclusive: Retailer exclusive Squishmallows are only available at a specific retailer, like Walmart or Walgreens. Their tags will typically be printed with the retailer’s logo to indicate that they’re retailer exclusive.

Research which designs are popular with collectors. While everyone has their favorite Squishmallows, if a certain design is popular with a wide variety of collectors, odds are the value will go up. When this happens, the Squishmallows will be harder to find and resellers will raise the prices, effectively making them “rare,” even if they weren’t originally. Keep up with different collectors to see which designs are worth buying.

How to Find Rare Squishmallows

Attend Squishmallow events and conventions. Like many other collectibles, Squishmallows have developed a fan base that loves to connect with their community and show off their prized possessions. Fans may organize events specific for Squishmallows, and big conventions like San Diego Comic Con often have exclusive Squishmallows for con-goers. Check online to see if there are any Squishmallow events near you. To find out about these events, join social media groups on sites like Facebook that are dedicated to trading and selling plushies or Squishmallows specifically. These groups will also help you stay informed about new and rare releases.

Shop for Squishmallows around the holidays. Typically, Squishmallows release holiday-themed Squishmallows a few months before the holiday, so if there’s a specific one you’re looking for, start checking local retailers as soon as they start putting out their holiday merchandise. In some cases, holiday Squishmallows will go on clearance after the holiday, but there’s a good chance the popular ones will already be gone.

Research retailer-exclusive Squishmallows. Often, Squishmallows are considered rare because they’re only sold at one retailer and each store only receives so many units. If there’s a specific design you’re looking for, make sure you know where to find it and when it will hit shelves. Visit the store as soon as possible to increase your chances of being able to find what you’re looking for. If you know someone who works at that retailer, ask them if they know if their location will sell the Squishmallows and, if so, if they know when they’ll hit the shelves. This way, you may be able to grab one before others know they’re available. Remember, though, that employees may not know if or when they’ll receive a certain Squishmallow, so be polite and understanding if they can’t give you the answer you’re hoping for.

Check reseller sites like eBay. While it’s often expensive, buying from resellers may be your best bet if you aren’t having any luck finding rare Squishmallows in stores. If you’re not willing to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a Squishmallow, check the sites often to see if anyone is selling one for a reasonable price. If you find one, act fast, as other collectors are sure to snatch up the deal. Other sites to try include Mercari, Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, and even TikTok.

Try your luck at thrift stores. Resellers and collectors are often quick to snatch up rare and exclusive Squishmallows, but sometimes, people may donate Squishmallows without knowing their worth. While it may be unlikely, keep your eyes peeled the next time you’re at Goodwill or a local thrift store. You never know what you might find!

Caring for Rare Squishmallows

Display them on a stand or in a display box. If you own a rare Squishmallow, odds are you want to keep it in good shape. Make sure to choose a display method where they won’t get squished, lose their shape, or become otherwise damaged. Clear acrylic display boxes work well to protect them from dust, dirt, and sunlight while still allowing you to admire them.

Spot clean them with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Submerging Squishmallows in water or tossing them in the washing machine can cause them to lose their shape. To wash Squishmallows, mix some mild detergent, like a gentle laundry detergent or dish soap, into some water and dip a cloth in the mixture. Lightly dab at the dirty spot until it’s clean, then allow the Squishmallow to air dry. To keep your rare Squishmallows clean, make sure to wash your hands before you touch them to prevent dirt and oils from transferring to their surface.

Store them away from sunlight in a cool, dry area. When you’re finished displaying or handling your rare Squishmallows, make sure they’re away from direct sunlight so their color doesn’t fade. For best results, store them in acid-free tissue paper and boxes to help them hold their shape and keep dust away. Avoid plastic bags, as these can trap moisture and lead to mold and mildew. If you need to stack your Squishmallows, place the larger, sturdier ones on the bottom to avoid squishing the smaller or rarer ones.

Rare Squishmallows FAQs

What was the first Squishmallow? Cam the Cat, a calico cat, was one of the first 8 Squishmallows ever released and is listed as the first according to his Collector Number. He was released on March 1, 2017 and serves as one of the main mascots for the Squishmallow brand.

What is the most sought after Squishmallow? The most sought after Squishmallow changes depending on which design is most popular at the time. Baby Yoda is often a popular Squishmallow, and judging by his resale value, Jack the Black Cat is highly sought after, as well. The original Hans the Hedgehog (with top hat and bow tie) and Stacy the Squid are also popular.

How much are Squishmallows worth? The average Squishmallow costs between $10 and $40, depending on the size and design. If a design is particularly rare and/or sought after, resellers often increase the value tremendously. Some Squishmallows cost between $500 and $2000 on resale sites.

How rare is the rarest Squishmallow? Founder’s Edition is the rarest tier on the official Squishmallows Rarity Scale. As of now, JSK the Cat is the only Squishmallow in the tier, making him the rarest with only 250 units made. Of the other Squishmallows, Jack the Black Cat is the rarest, with only 500 units in existence.

How can I get a rare Squishmallow without paying a lot? Because resellers often raise the price of rare Squishmallows, it may be difficult to get that exact version without paying a lot. Keep checking online marketplaces and local thrift stores to see if you get lucky. Sometimes smaller versions of a rare Squishmallow aren’t considered rare themselves, so if you’re just after the design, you may be able to find a different size for a more affordable price.

Is lack of availability the same as rarity? In general, yes. While some Squishmallows may feature the “Rare” tag, resellers are more interested in popular designs that they know they can resell for a higher price. Because they often buy them all, this leads to a lack of availability, which in turn, increases the design’s rarity, even if it wasn’t originally labeled “Rare.” This is also why some rare Squishmallows may not always be considered rare. It’s all about supply and demand. If no one is interested in buying the Squishmallow, resellers will eventually lower their prices, and soon it will be easy to buy the Squishmallow again.

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