Little Alchemy 2: How to Make the Sky Element + Recipes That Use Sky
Little Alchemy 2: How to Make the Sky Element + Recipes That Use Sky
Are you trying to get the Sky element in Little Alchemy 2? Compared to some other elements in the game, this one doesn't take very long to unlock once you know the steps. In this article, we'll give you the combinations you need to make Sky, the shortest path to creating it, and what recipes you can use the Sky element to create.
Combinations to Get Sky in Little Alchemy 2

Recipe for Sky

Combine a variety of sky-themed elements to get Sky. To get the Sky element, combine Air + Cloud, Sun + Atmosphere, Sun + Moon, or Cloud + Atmosphere. Refer to the following table for the combinations to make these elements: Element Combinations Atmosphere Air + Planet Cloud Atmosphere + Water Atmosphere + Mist Sun Day + Space Day + Light Planet + Fire Planet + Light Moon Night + Planet Night + Stone Night + Earth Night + Cheese Stone + Planet

Fastest Path to Get Sky

Sky can be unlocked very quickly. Unlike many more advanced elements in Little Alchemy 2, Sky doesn't require Time to be created. Use the path listed below to create Sky: Earth + Earth = Land Land + Land = Continent Continent + Continent = Planet Planet + Fire = Sun Air + Planet = Atmosphere Sun + Atmosphere = Sky

Recipes that Use Motion

Sky is used in many recipes. The elements you can make with Sky range from weather phenomena to animals. Atmosphere: Sky + Air Aurora: Sky + Electricity, Antarctica, or Arctic Bat: Sky + Mouse Bird: Sky + Animal or Egg Cloud: Sky + Mist or Water Darkness: Sky + Night or Twilight Day: Sky + Sun Dragon: Sky + Lizard Fireworks: Sky + Explosion Flying Fish: Sky + Fish Hail: Sky + Ice Horizon: Sky + Earth, Continent, Land, Lake, Ocean, or Sea Kite: Sky + Paper Meteor: Sky + Meteoroid Moon: Sky + Cheese, Planet, Stone, or Time Night: Sky + Moon Parachute: Sky + Umbrella Pegasus: Sky + Horse or Unicorn Planet: Sky + Earth Pterodactyl: Sky + Dinosaur Skyscraper: Sky + House or Village Space: Sky + Star or Solar System Star: Sky + Night or Space Sun: Sky + Light, Fire, or Day Sunglasses: Sky + Glasses Telescope: Sky + Glass UFO: Sky + Alien Zeus: Sky + Deity (Requires the Myths and Monsters DLC)

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