"Delivered to Agent for Final Delivery": What It Means & What to Do Next
"Delivered to Agent for Final Delivery": What It Means & What to Do Next
If you’ve ordered a package from a site like eBay, Shein, or Amazon and the USPS tracking information says it’s been “delivered to agent for final delivery,” there’s no need to panic! Usually, this means that your mail carrier has given your package to someone authorized to accept it. We’ll tell you where you can look for your item, plus what to do if you can’t find it anywhere. Keep reading to learn how to receive your package safely.
“Delivered to Agent for Final Delivery” Meaning

What does “delivered to agent for final delivery” mean?

Your item has been delivered to and accepted by an authorized person. When the tracking information on your USPS package says “delivered to agent for final delivery,” it means that it’s being held by someone who’s authorized to accept the item, like someone at an office in your apartment complex or dorm. If you don’t live in a large living complex, your package may have been accepted by someone who lives or works at the delivery address. If the mail carrier left a redelivery notice at your door, pick up your package at the post office listed on the notice or go to the USPS site to schedule a delivery using its tracking number.

Where to Find Your Package

Check with the mail room or front office in your living complex. This notification often happens when a package is being delivered to an apartment complex, a dorm at a college or university, or another large living complex where there’s a main office. If that’s the case, ask the officials in your office or mail room if they have received your package yet. Sometimes this message means that the package has been dropped off at the local post office but your complex or mail room hasn’t picked it up yet.

Ask an authorized person at the delivery address if they have it. If you don’t live in a residence with an office, a person who is authorized to accept the package on your behalf may have signed for it. This usually happens if you filled out and turned in an Application of Delivery of Mail Through Agent form to your local post office. It may also happen if you sign and turn in a Standing Delivery Order. When the delivery goes to a residential address, the authorized agent is usually another family member or a friend of the family. If the package is being delivered to a business, it may be a person who works there and has registered with the USPS to be authorized to accept it.

Contact your local post office and ask where it may be. USPS may be able to tell you where the package may be located and inform you of any updates. Enter your city and state or zip code into the USPS post office locator to find the office that can assist you. If you don’t know your full zip code, use this USPS zip code lookup tool.

What to Do If You Don’t Receive Your Package

Submit a help request form with USPS customer service. If you still can’t find your package, visit USPS’s help request form page. Select “Where is my package?” or “Where is my mail?”, enter your tracking number, and complete the rest of the form to email customer service. This is also the form you need to complete if you suspect that someone may have stolen your package. If you submit the help request form and your package hasn’t arrived after 7 days, submit a Missing Mail search request.

Call USPS customer service to have someone help you. Alternatively, call USPS’s customer service representatives to direct you to the appropriate forms you need to fill out or help you find your missing package. Phone number: 1-800-275-8777 If you’re deaf, hard of hearing, or have a speech impairment, dial 7-1-1 or the number of your state’s telecommunications relay service (TRS) to connect to the USPS.

What to Do If a Buyer Doesn’t Receive Your Package

Respond to the buyer if they submit a report about the sale. If you’re a second-hand seller on a site like eBay and the buyer reports that the item you sent hasn’t arrived, respond and provide them with the tracking information or delivery update that says it’s been “delivered to agent for final delivery.” eBay considers an item that has been “delivered to agent for final delivery” as “delivered,” and will indicate this on the tracking information. Once you provide tracking details, eBay may close the case automatically if it shows that the item has been “delivered.” If the buyer says their item is completely missing, tell them to contact eBay customer service.

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