EXO's Lay Spotted At Hotel With Chinese Actress Zhao Lusi, Agency Reacts
EXO's Lay Spotted At Hotel With Chinese Actress Zhao Lusi, Agency Reacts
Speculations of Lay and Zhao Lusi dating arose as their vehicles were reportedly seen parked at the same hotel.

On the 31st of January, rumours circulated online regarding the alleged presence of EXO member Lay at a hotel alongside the renowned Chinese actress Zhao Lusi. Speculation arose as both Lay and Zhao Lusi’s vehicles were reportedly seen parked at the same hotel, leading to assumptions that they were spending time together. It was further alleged that the two left the hotel 10 minutes apart from one another. In response to the circulating rumours, Lay’s agency swiftly addressed the issue by releasing an official statement.

The statement explicitly conveyed Lay’s denial of any dating involvement with the actress, stressing his dedication only to ongoing promotional activities.

Despite the initial shock among fans triggered by the internet speculations, the lack of substantial evidence supporting the alleged relationship led to the eventual dissipation of the rumours.

Lay’s agency, Chromosome Entertainment, put the dating allegations to rest, as reported by Koreaboo, through their statement that said, “The dating allegations are rumours, and Lay is focused on his promotions. He has no plans of dating.”

EXO’s Lay, who initially debuted under SM Entertainment in 2012, transitioned to an independent career in 2022. Although he has ended ties with SM Entertainment, Lay remains an integral member of the K-pop boy group EXO. His solo endeavours in the Chinese music industry are currently managed through Chromosome Entertainment.

In light of the clarification, while some fans expressed relief at the swift resolution of the rumours, others conveyed their willingness to support Lay and Zhao Lusi if the dating rumours were true. Fans swiftly responded to the dating rumours surrounding EXO Lay and Chinese actress Zhao Lusi with a mix of scepticism and excitement.

One fan dismissed the speculation, stating, “Dating rumour of Lusi x EXO Lay? Naaaur ~ Fake news! This is the only dating rumour/confirmation that I am waiting for.”

Another fan expressed hope, exclaiming, “OMG! I hope Lay and Lusi are dating! I hope love for the both of them!”

Confusion was evident in a fan’s comment, asking, “wdym there’s a dating rumour of lay and zhao lusi.”

Some fans found the entire rumour unexpected, as one remarked, “the lay and zhao lusi rumor is so random ????”

Transitioning to an overview of EXO’s Lay Zhang, the 32-year-old K-pop idol initiated his career under SM Entertainment in 2012 and later established his own label in 2020. Beyond his musical achievements with releases like Lose Control, Lit, and involvement in TV shows such as Producer, Lay has also entered into the acting genre. His notable appearances in acclaimed Chinese films and TV series, include Who Rules the World, The Long Ballad, and Love Like the Galaxy.

Turning attention to Zhao Lusi, also known as Rosy, the prominent Chinese actress and singer operates under Yinhekuyu Media. Debuting in 2017 with the Chinese web series Cinderella Chef, Zhao Lusi’s career soared with subsequent projects like The Romance of Tiger and Rose, Dating in the Kitchen, The Long Ballad, Who Rules The World, Love Like the Galaxy, and her latest work, Hidden Love.

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